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Outdoor Chimp is a large content site for outdoor sports. This includes both winter and summer activities. We cover everything from snowboarding gear to mountain biking and road cycling. We test and provide authentic reviews of the products that we recommend. You can read our reviews and tips and decide for yourself if the product is right for you.

For the active enthusiast, Outdoor Chimp has a select number of high quality products for sale at competitive prices. Shop our amazing assortment of sports and recreation products. Choose from a large collection of jackets, t-shirts, shorts, footwear, bags and much more. Visit us today to find the perfect gear for your next adventure!

If you’re shopping for a new bike, skis or snowboard gear, or other sporting goods, it can be a daunting task to find the right product. You have to consider your riding style, height, ability level and more – let alone figure out which brand name or model is best. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting by finding the most reliable products in each category and provide our readers with current blog content that can help you make an informed decision.

For serious road cyclists, visit our latest review articles of each component that makes up the Dura Ace 9170 groupset from Shimano. This is a fantastic groupset with 11 speed and electronic shifting. Each component from the crankset to the hydraulic braking system has been carefully scrutinized to provide an original set of information for the readers.

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