by Jamie Chimp August 13, 2017

The Synthe has a sleek and compact shape that gives it an aerodynamic advantage. It is styled with a trim profile that fits close to the head and also features a distinct clipped tail that is becoming a common design trend on modern road helmets.

The synthe utilizes a patented system to keep the helmet floating slightly above the head. This increases airflow throughout the shell and maximizes performance of the internal cooling system. The 26 wind tunnel vents are able to efficiently intake cooler air and exhaust the hot air through the internal cooling channels. Even at climbing speeds, this helmet is able to provide a noticeable cooling affect in the hotter summer months.

Giro Synthe HelmetMicro adjusts are possible with one hand to ensure tension and fore-aft position of the helmet is perfect. The Roc Loc Air Fit System enables custom tuning to change fit and feel similar to the Roc Loc 5. The floating system helps to eliminate pressure points and creates a comfortable, airy supposion. The featherweight webbing is soft and doesn’t absorb sweat like other heavier materials.

The expanded polystyrene core is internally reinforced with a roll cage and features thermoformed SL reinforcement. Despite these advanced features, the Synthe has an astonishly low weight of only 250g for the Medium.

Other nice design features to consider are the dedicated port for holding your sunglasses securely while you ride. Overall, this helmet is a top recommendation and if you find it as aesthetically pleasing as we do we cannot think of a reason not to purchase it.

Jamie Chimp
Jamie Chimp

Jamie enjoys mountain biking and road cycling. She trains for races and travels, exploring new and exciting routes all over the globe. When not on her bike she is reviewing products related to her favorite outdoor activities. As an amateur chef, she is often seen at farmers markets buying the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Cooking fabulous dishes at home or while camping outdoors has become a passion. She has not met an olive oil that she didn't like.

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