by Jamie Chimp September 25, 2017

ISLE Surf & SUP has been manufacturing high quality stand up paddleboards since 2004. They have released many variations on the SUP (stand up paddleboard) concept since then and have iterated and refined their designs and processes to meet market demand in this rapidly growing segment.

ISLE is offering a very good introductory stand up paddle board package that includes the PEAK iSUP (inflatable stand up paddleboard) that comes with a high-pressure air pump with an integrated pressure gauge, carry back pack, three-piece aluminum adjustable paddle (65” – 86”), removable fin that does not require tools, and an ankle leash. This is a great package deal to get started in paddle boarding. The board is a mid-sized inflatable featuring durable military grade PVC construction that can support up to 300 lbs.

With a size of 10’6” x 31” x 6”, it is sturdy and built for a variety of conditions. The thickness provides plenty of buoyancy when paddling through the water and only weighs 23 lbs. The PEAK has a maximum inflation pressure of 15 psi but typically the 10-11 psi range is suitable in terms of rigidity and stiffness.

The overall shape and performance of this board lends itself to all around use, with a slightly rounded front end and sufficient width to accommodate most riders. The PEAK can deliver above average performance in many types of water conditions, and is stable enough for even beginners to ride with moderate ease. The board is equipped with a number of other features to assist riders while on the water, including a non-slip traction pad on the deck, bungee system for locking down carry-on gear, nose mounted handle, center carry handle for transporting the board while inflated, and a versatile stainless steel d-ring system for attaching leashes and tying the board to a dock.

Overall, it is a very attractive package for the price. You can find several color options such as aqua, blue, red, and white. The design is modern and performs well in the water, offering both stability and toughness. Paddle boarding is meant to be fun and enable us to explore the natural world of oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and bay. The PEAK paddle board is right at home in these conditions and is a top recommendation to start your next journey wherever it may be.

Jamie Chimp
Jamie Chimp

Jamie enjoys mountain biking and road cycling. She trains for races and travels, exploring new and exciting routes all over the globe. When not on her bike she is reviewing products related to her favorite outdoor activities. As an amateur chef, she is often seen at farmers markets buying the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Cooking fabulous dishes at home or while camping outdoors has become a passion. She has not met an olive oil that she didn't like.

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