by Jamie Chimp September 27, 2017

Sidi’s Wire cycling shoes are some of the best to come out of the Italian factory and are a pleasure to wear. Their combination of luxurious comfort and renowned build quality sets them apart in the ever-growing and hugely populated shoe market.

Modern cycling shoes are trending towards ever-lighter designs with higher quality materials. This has led Sidi to create a light weight variation to add to their stable of high calibre shoes. Coming in at an impressive 640g compared with the Sidi Ergo’s 688g, they are very light for such a high quality structured shoe.

The foundation of any good road cycling shoe is the stiffness and quality of the sole. Sidi haven’t disappointed with the latest improved version of their Vent carbon design. It’s ridged, shaped and reinforced, creating one of the best platforms on the market.

The front has a closable vent so you can slide it closed for the winter, or open it up to create a cooling channel when the temperature increases. This toe vent and the deep toe bumper protect the carbon sole from the ground and both are replaceable when they start to wear.

The uppers use Sidi’s unique adjustable heel retainer. This bar adjusts the tension in the heel cup, making what is already a secure fit even tighter. The material of the uppers is lighter than the supple leather of the Ergo 3 and a little bit stiffer, but the shape is one of the best we’ve tried. The generous width combines with a not-overly roomy toe box for a fit that’s as good as you can get without resorting to thermo-formed custom shoes.

Instead of the Ergo 3’s three different closures the Wire uses two separate Techno3 ratchets. The micro-adjustment of these is very good, with the minimal tweaks allowing you to get the fit absolutely spot on.

The Sidi Wires have a new insole which is the one area that left us unimpressed in the past. The shapely, vented insole uses dense memory foam, and once you’ve ridden in the Wires a couple of times the feel is perfect in terms of both comfortable and providing support.

Price-wise there’s no denying that the Wires are expensive but you may well be able to find them much cheaper now that they have been on the market for a while. You can rest assured that their quality is unmatched, and with spares readily available they should last well too. As for performance, well, these are at the top of that totem as well. Sidi is notorious for longevity. It is very likely these shoes will outlast you making it at worthy long term investment.

Jamie Chimp
Jamie Chimp

Jamie enjoys mountain biking and road cycling. She trains for races and travels, exploring new and exciting routes all over the globe. When not on her bike she is reviewing products related to her favorite outdoor activities. As an amateur chef, she is often seen at farmers markets buying the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Cooking fabulous dishes at home or while camping outdoors has become a passion. She has not met an olive oil that she didn't like.

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