Burton Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings

If you are looking for a snowboard binding that is going to perform exceptionally well, then you need not look further than Burton’s Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings. The company prides itself on creating products that makes the rider experience better than ever.

Designed to keep you locked in and looking good

The Burton Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings are made for snowboarders who like to have a little more forgiveness in their bindings and also don’t mind sacrificing some performance. If you’re an aspiring or a recreational rider, these will be just fine for you. They’re really easy to step into, due to the toe inserts. They also have a good range of motion on them-so you can move your legs around pretty freely. The only downside is that they aren’t as responsive as binders with high end materials built into them, but they can be found used pretty cheap and it’s great for testing out how much you enjoy snowboarding before investing more money into it.

Made to move quickly from the lift to the rail, this binding gives you unrestricted forward flex so you can get more aggressive and creative with your riding.

If you haven’t already heard, snowboard bindings have come a long way in the past few seasons. Nowadays, most bindings can work for both men and women, and even the widest feet. So if you’re looking to get your first pair of snowboard bindings, consider getting a strong pair that will last and perform well. We recommend the Burton Step On X Snowboard Bindings which are compatible with both men and women. This would work great for people who don’t want to spend a ton of cash, but still want something that works well!

Burton Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings

The Burton Step On X Snowboard Bindings could be your ticket to nonstop shredding. An ideal intermediate snowboard binding, the Step On has been specifically designed for carving up the mountain with ease. When you’re ready to step up your boarding skills, these snowboard bindings will also help get you there. Thanks to their easy-to-use design and high-performance attributes, the Burton Step On X Snowboard Bindings are a great option for beginner to intermediate snowboarders.

The Burton Step On X bindings are a good value if you’re looking for something comfortable but with advanced features. Because of this, they’re a good choice for a beginner or casual rider who want to try out some high-tech features without paying a lot for advanced technology.

Burton Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings

The Burton Step On X snowboard bindings are so comfortable and convenient that you’ll never want to step in traditional bindings again.

Burton’s Step On X snowboard binding system gives you the simplicity of one-step, tool-free entry and exit. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get your foot in a Burton boot, and you don’t ever have to worry about boot release tension again.

Burton Step On X Mens Snowboard Bindings are ideal for the park, pipe or jibs

Made with smooth-riding Flux Linkage disc technology and a new 3×3 Camber profile, the Burton Step On X delivers all the springy free-riding response you have come to expect from Burton. This pro-level snowboard binding is built for riders who want to ride fast, slide hard, and go big.

Burton Step-On X Adjustable Snowboard Bindings are designed for comfort and ease of entry. The Step On System ensures a quick, precise fit with a step in action and an easy pull to tighten. The Duraflex buckles are lightweight and allow for a quick release and adjustment. The X Wide straps have ample padding on top for all day comfort. These bindings adjust to fit any snowboard. Nothing gets in the way of your full range of motion when you are strapped into these fully padded bindings. Keep in mind that with the adjustment of strap comes the release of a five degree base.

Nurture your need for speed with the Burton Step On X graphic snowboard boots. The ultra cushy Flux Capacitor liner makes baby-bottom soft landings feel like a memory as the Speed Zone lacing system forward flexes the boot for quicker transitions from edge to edge. Zero SL cushy padding keeps you warm and comfy so you’ll be powered up to blast through turns without feeling bogged down. The Burton Step On X snowboard boots offer pro-level performance for all-mountain riding along with convenience thanks to the step-in design.

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