DC Focus Snowboard 2021

Welcome to the preview of the all new 2021 DC Focus Snowboard. This is the first board in our new flagship Focus series, which will be available in a variety of shapes and sizes for you shredders looking to ride something different.

As the temperature drops and the season begins to change, the DC Focus Snowboard allows you to keep your style on point. Designed for beginner to intermediate riders, this lightweight snowboard features a true flat profile that makes it easy to control and maneuver, along with Clean Stick sidewalls that are fused directly into the tip and tail of the board for added durability.

The DC Focus snowboard is a tried and true choice for the backcountry freerider. Full featured camber design, with a soft flex, fast base and responsive edge control. Ready to catch air off natural features or rolling corn snow hills.

Deep snow, icy rails and steep summits all require you to really be in the zone. For the DC Focus rider, that means every feature on their board is working at peak performance. A slight setback camber profile with mellow taper enables the Focus to excel at stomping through higher speeds and when you’re sending it off large kickers or huge cliffs, while a longer nose and tail give it extra float in powder for when things get really deep. Whether they’re spending a day on the slopes or dropping into a bomb-proof urban plaza, the Focus Snowboard

DC Focus: The Foundation for Unparalleled Freedom What does it mean to be truly free? When you’re in complete control of your movement from one flip to the next, there’s no limit to where your boarding can take you. The DC Focus Snowboard is built with a progressive foundation that delivers unparalleled freedom underfoot and less restriction through the turns so you can bust out your most creative moves.

Regardless of your riding style or experience, the DC Focus Snowboard has you covered and prepared for a day shredding in the most adverse conditions. This board is designed with EdgeGuard along the binding interface to raise your edges above any obstacles you might encounter. On top of that, the Syringe Carbon blunted nose and tail provide added durability and the power to pierce through anything. For added maneuverability, we also included Syringelok inserts within the board which reduce turn resistance on heel side turns while increasing it on toe side turns. Furthermore, Switch Technology allowed us to integrate our latest technology with Edge Grabber Side Cut into a fun-loving, freestyle specific deck that’s sure to take your riding up a notch or two.

The DC Focus snowboard is coming in hot this season. If you are a rider that wants to stick it out on the mountain, even when the weather gets tough, then stick with us and check out this board.

DC’s Focus Snowboard is developed with progressive freestyle in mind. Developed with an Asymetric Sidewall, C2 Power Rail , Zero Propensity, and Reflex Core the Focus gives you precision control while providing unparalleled response and explosive power. The lean profile provides a unisex shape and feel making it easy to ride no matter who’s riding it. So whether you’re going big in the park or if you just love riding fast and charging hard through the trees the Focus has your name on it.

DC got its start in California with snowboards designed for Paul Rodriguez. The snowboarder wanted a board to do it all but at the time, boards that worked for a specific purpose were the rage. Rodriguez’s line of thinking was a catalyst for DC’s success and they haven’t looked back since. A keen focus on what’s next while still celebrating their legacy has kept DC at the forefront of innovation for over 25 years. With a team like Danny Davis, Ben Lynch, Greg Lutzka and Ryan Paul, you know you are going to get quality products with the best technology at an affordable price. The Focus Snowboard is built with the highest quality materials and construction. It features linear edges that give you more edge control and a dynamic feel.

In a short series of DC Focus video’s, DC riders share their experiences and insights on what it means to ride for the DC family. In the latest instalment, you can find out more about what happens behind the curtains at Jussi Oksanen’s US home and also get a sneak peek at Oksanen’s new ride for the coming season.

This Focus snowboard is the ultimate all-mountain shred stick for progressing riders looking to carve up the whole mountain.

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