POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet

Don’t spend another day worrying about the times when you or your family are in danger because of possible accidents. POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet is one of the best that you can use which comes with a number of features. The bike helmets are mainly designed to offer safety while cycling but they also provide protection from other sources of danger such as head injury due to skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. You can Choose POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet for skiing and snowboard comfort and protection.

This is a review of POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet. Comfort, warmth and style are the top concerns for those interested in enjoying winter sports. This helmet addresses all three with ease. Users will be able to enjoy riding in comfort since it comes with just the perfect amount of cushioning. Warmth is brought about by its revolutionary insulation which is designed to reflect body heat inward and provide users with the assurance that they won’t get cold during winter. Lastly, this is definitely one of the stylish helmets you can find in the market today as it comes with an awesome paint job that really stands out.

POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet White

The Poc Skull Orbic Comp Snow Helmet is the result of thirty plus years of helmet innovation by one of the most recognizable names in snow sports. To create a greater awareness for the sport, a new line of helmets has been developed from the inside out.

Snowboarding isn’t one of the cheapest hobbies that you can have, especially if you want to keep doing it for years to come. Between the prices of snowboards, boots and bindings alone, you could easily spend over a thousand dollars, even more if you need a new helmet. However, there is an option which does not cost as much but it just as protective and just as good: a POC Skull Orbic Comp Ski Helmet. In this article we will look at the benefits of the product, what makes it different from other helmets on the market, why it is worth a try and what makes it a good, durable product.

Whether you’re riding groomers, hitting booters or slaying trees, the POC Skull Orbic snow helmet has your head covered. Featuring an in-mold construction with dual density foam and a detachable, washable liner, the Skull Orbic is an innovative take on the classic winter helmet.

A snowboard isn’t complete without a helmet. Otherwise, we’d all be seeing red and blue spots after hitting the top of the half pipe and winding up flat on our backs. How about you? Do you have your very own snowboarding helmet? If you don’t, I’m sure that you’ll love this one from Poc. This helmet is named after a rather cool snowboard trick called “The Orbic Spin” invented by none other than James Kelly himself.

POC’s 2nd-generation Orbic snow helmet is about as close to perfect as it gets when it comes to lightweight, low-profile lid design. In fact, they make the bold claim that it’s “the world’s best ski and snowboard helmet.” Pretty big words, but I’m here to tell you that the new Skull Orbic lives up to them. Now I realize that’s a bold statement in itself but once you take into consideration how much POC has improved their 2nd generation design over their original Orbic model, I think you’ll agree with me.

I was after a lightweight multipurpose ski helmet, a bit of snowboarding, general hiking etc. I basically planned to use this helmet for anything and everything as it is so lightweight it doesn’t matter. The last thing I am going to do is go on about how amazing this helmet looks, but actually it’s pretty cool. It came in three colours and all had the same features.

POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet

The POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet is engineered for high speeds, with a solid EPS foam structure for the base which is fitted onto the helmet by Fusion In-Mold construction which makes the helmet resistant to twisting or deformation caused by an impact. The POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin Snow Helmet is perfect for freestyle and slopestyle skiing with its lightweight construction and quick release chin guard for easy breathing and goggles attachment. Its ear pads are designed to be used with medium size earphones and muffs.

Whether you like ripping around the mountain or lapping your local park, the POC Skull Orbic Comp Spin helmet will get you there looking cool. The Side vents provide maximum ventilation while in motion, while the step-in fit ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The helmet also features a rear adjustment system for a full customizable fit, and an Audible warning system (whistle) so that you can be seen from every angle. This helmet meets all CE 1077B safety standards as well as ASTM 2043 standards

Whether on a snowboard or a skiboard, the Skull Orbic Spin is a helmet designed for fun. The polycarbonate shell with Fidlock® magnetic buckle and 4D Cooling System for airflow and sweat control is designed to keep you in the game, while the audio compatible liner makes it easy to jam out in the backcountry.

The POC Skull Orbic helmet features a unique design. A genuine look that makes it stand out. The rounded profile allows you to cut a clean silhouette and with the addition of POC’s new ear cover you will be mistaken for an alien from outer space!

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