Arbor Mens Coda Camber Snowboard 2019 / 159cm

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Brand: Arbor


  • Snowboard Hardware / Snowboards

Publisher: Arbor

Details: The 2019 Arbor Coda Camber is designed for seasoned freeriders who are at home in or out of bounds and need a board that's up to the challenge of whatever the mountain throws at them. With a truly versatile design and that labour-intensive Arbor commitment to quality, the Coda Camber is supper happy in an any terrain or snow condition. It's ready to be your everyday resort ride or backcountry performer, wherever your mood takes you. Full of pop and performance The Coda is available in both a rocker and camber version - this being the traditional camber one. That camber brings a more spring-loaded poppy ride, with crisp, fully-engaged handling and performance. Uprise fenders help to keep the outside contact points from digging into the snow, keeping the ride forgiving and catch-free. With a thunderhead tip and sintered base, the Coda Camber is designed for speed and hard charging across the whole mountain. A labour of love Of course, it's not all about performance with Arbor - it's about quality and love. The love that this brand puts into their board construction is matched by virtually no other. The Coda Camber comes with an Ash Power Ply Topsheet, and if you're not familiar with the process that goes into creating it, you should be! Natural wood fibres are soaked, sliced and veneered into sheets, backed with fleece, precision sanded and laminated to form a protective foil - creating a phenomenal quality product that's strong, durable, and less reliant on man-made glues, coatings and composites. Oh, and it rides great too! The best bits... The System Camber profile for a crisp, fully-engaged performance Premium-quality Ash Power Ply Top Superfast Thunderhead Tips - great for soft snow Powerful Double Barrel II Core with two bamboo struts Mixed Glassing with triax over biax for a versatile performance Fully-wrapped 360 Rail Sidewall construction Lightning-quick Sintered Base 2×4 14-Pack Inserts

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