Arbor Mens Westmark Camber Snowboard 2019 / 153cm

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Brand: Arbor


  • Snowboard Hardware / Snowboards

Publisher: Arbor

Details: The 2019 Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard is a mid-flexing park deck that's quick edge-to-edge without being catchy. If you like spending your days working your way up to the big features but don't want a sloppy noodle that's going to get away from you on landings, the combination of System Camber, Grip Tech edges and Uprise fenders will give you snappy all-round performance that'll keep you coming back for more. Clean, non-catchy camber The Camber shape gets mellower towards the contact points, so whilst you still get the precise feel of the old school profile, it feels less catchy. This is backed up with Arbor's Uprise Fenders right on the contact points that makes sure you don't hook an edge as you hop onto a feature or make a turn in choppy snow. Grip Tech Edges protrude from the board as part of a tri-radial sidecut to boost control. Lively as could be The Flathead shape of the tip in tail give predictable buttery feels - the deck's a true twin too, so no problems riding switch. A combination of Biax Glassing and Hand Dyed Ash Power Ply give the board life, wrapping up the hardy Single Malt Core. The Westmark is finished with Arbor's 360° rails that eliminate the need for tip filler and add to its durability. You'll get plenty speed from the sintered base that soaks up a tonne of wax during servicing. If park's your game but you want a stick that'll do the business on groomers and side-hits too - Arbor's Westmark is worth having a long hard think about. The best bits... Mellow Camber System Non-catchy Uprise Fenders at the contact points True twin with lively 6 out of 10 flex Tri-radial sidecut with Grip Tech for control Durable Single Malt Core Biax Glassing with Hand Dyed Ash Power Ply Speedy Sintered Base Hard-wearing 360° Rails

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