BATALEON Flight - Elite Series

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Brand: Bataleon


  • Rocker Type: Freestyle 3BT - A team favorite when it comes to all mountain freestyle riding. With the side base and center base equally wide, this flavor is easily the most versatile 3BT Bataleon makes. It enables a powerful and reactive ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float.
  • Very Light Core' - A featherweight blend of Swiss paulownia and poplar woods with a noticeable weight difference you can feel underfoot. It's supported by with carbon fiber and Kevlar additives in the layup to make it super strong for high speed, high consequence riding.
  • Base: Nano Speed S - The fastest base money can buy. This is what spandex-clad race dudes have on their ski boards. No joke
  • The premium pick for freestyle powder hounds and all mountain addicts. We carefully selected and tested the finest ingredients to create one of the most reactive, plush and poweful twin tip all mountain boards on the planet. This is a feather light, ultra stable board with handling characteristics only found in the Elite Series. Made for those riders that want nothing but the best.
  • Elite Series (E.S.) - The Elite Series represents our peak performing snowboards. They are the culmination of years and years of research, development and experimentation. These creations begin as trials with custom wood cores, shapes, cutting- edge materials and newfound ideas over numerous seasons. When a design finally proves itself and becomes a final product, it's a physical representation of our pooled passion to share. Crafted with superior materials and progressive shapes, these are the finest boards from the factory

Publisher: bataleon usa

Details: Triple Base Technology is all about blending the benefits of camber and rocker into a design that actually works. 3BT divides the nose and tail into three sections: a sidebase section on the toeside, a centerbase section and a sidebase section on the heelside. The toeside and heelside base areas are gradually uplifted starting outside of the binding area. The total uplift distance and angle starts at zero under the bindings and gradually increases towards the widest points of the board. This design produces remarkable changes in the way the board rides. The board keeps a full tip to tail camber backbone so it has loads of pop, suspension and control. The tips further boost pop since their concavity focuses and amplifies ollie pressure. Turns are easier, edge-to-edge transitions are swifter and edge hold is more solid. The angled sidebases generate the playfulness, forgiveness and less edge catch that rockered designs are praised for. The boards haul ass because when pointed straight there is less edge drag in the snow slowing you down. The hull shaped nose acts like a ship in powder, planing and floating on top. The benefits are unreal, really.

EAN: 8718924672730