Bestlife High Brightness,3W,AC/DC optional Surgical Headlight medical headlamp Color Temperature: 6000 K Using for:Ent, Dental,Stomatology, Plastic Surgery Others

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Brand: Bestlife


  • Feature:3W LED lighting,sunlight color, cold light,uniform light distribution,can work while charg
  • Function:AC/DC power supply, can be matched with loupes, light spot is adjustable.
  • Variable function: appearance color variable,packaging variable.
  • Application: Operating room,Dental, ENT.
  • Shortage: wired connection.

Publisher: bestlife1234

Type of Light: LED
Power: 3 W
Illumination: 60,000 lx
Color Temperature: 5500 K
Working Distance: 420 mm
Spot Size: 10-110 mm
Operating Time: 4 h
Bulb Life: 50,000 h
Weight: 180 g
Spot Adjustable: Yes
Optional Loupes: Yes

EAN: 6037410131240