Bright Star Right Angled LED Light – Safe Responder Torch with Onboard Batteries, Rechargeable, Low Profile Industrial R/A Light Bulb. Handheld Flashlight

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Brand: Brightstar


  • Rechargeable LED Light: right angled torch features long battery life with rich front light. Battery powered lighting equipment contains 6AA Cell Batteries. The LED light offers 17 hours run time, and is easily rechargeable at low profile. The energy saving light uses a Lithium ion battery pack
  • High End Construction: lightweight torch light. Easy to Operate LED flashlight comes with oversized Pushbutton Switch. Compact in size, portable LED light employs unique design and superior construction
  • Intrinsic Optic Technology LED Light: durable light accessory with the latest optic technology maximizes light output with 220 lumens. The optic LED distributes light evenly, and the custom beam Pattern light equipment pierces smoke and dust with 60,000 CD
  • Portable Flashlight: easy-to-carry LED light features a stainless-steel hanger clip, switch and a case. Compact sized LED torch is a suitable fit for bare or gloved hands. Durable tool for night-time travelers, this Tube style flashlight meets the expectations in utility vaults and dark rooms.
  • LED Light Mechanism: emergency response equipment delivers high class performance. Industrial flashlight is sturdy and waterproof. The LED torch light maintains the light focused in proper directions

Publisher: Bright Star, LLC

Release Date: 2017-11-06

Details: The Right-Angled LED Light offers optimal brightness, safety, and weight. Bright Star LED Torch is equipped with lithium ion battery pack, charging base and cord making it rechargeable with long battery run of 17 hours in one shot. This LED flashlight can be used as the primary light or can be plied as backup. Bright Star industrial flashlight is the perfect fit not only for your travel experiences but useful for basic household inspections, construction, repairs and company’s warehouse. The lightweight travel light combats darkness with the latest optic technology and offers smoke cutting beam with essential safe certifications.

UPC: 016731510220

EAN: 0016731510220