Full Face Snorkel - Snorkeling Mask Set New 2017 Design

Brand: SeeReef

Color: Jet Black


  • NEW 2017 DESIGN - the 4 valves make this easy-to-breathe snorkel perfect for seeing 180° under water. What's more, the upgraded EXTRA LONG BREATHING TUBE makes drawing breath even easier while keeping the mask completely fogfree.
  • UPGRADED FLAT CLEAR LENS - older designs use a curved lens that is good in theory, but during our extensive testing we noticed that vision actually became distorted. Now we have upgraded the lens design so that it out-performs all the others, allowing perfect clarity while maintaining both comfort and the easy breathing function.
  • COMPLETE KIT - SeeReef comes with all the gear you need for your snorkel adventure - a combo of 2 different sets of ear plugs to make sure they fit you perfectly, a handy travel bag & spare seals
  • ADULT SIZES - with 2 sizes to pick from you can expect the ultimate watertight fit! You will need to measure between your eyes and chin. less than 4.7 in (10cm) is a small/medium and more than 4.7in (10cm) is a large/XL.
  • SEEREEF MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Unlike many of the large snorkel companies that use cheap materials and unproven designs, SeeReef uses only the best materials and designs to give you an unmatched snorkeling experience. SeeReef is backed by our 100% SEEREEF OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% THRILLED with your purchase, we'll gladly refund every penny. Click Add to Basket now and buy with confidence.


"After using the SeeReef full-face snorkel mask over the summer, I can honestly say this is my favorite type of snorkel. I like the fact that my face stays dry even when diving down." Brian R. Hellman, Chicago, USA

...THOUSANDS of customers are enjoying the SeaReef Snorkel mask every time they snorkel

Using the uncomfortable mouthpiece on most other snorkels is the thing that puts many people around the world off snorkeling.

When ordering our snorkel mask you get much more than a mask...

You will receive:
• 1 SeeReef anti-fog full-face snorkel
• 1 protective travel bag
• 1 set of in-ear standard plugs
• 1 set of in-ear super-mould plugs and case

We GUARANTEE that you're going to enjoy snorkelling so much more with our mask. If not, you can claim a FULLREFUND!

SeeReef snorkel mask package has beenmade for the SERIOUS adventurer. While other companies produceinferior, poorly-made masks and do very little product testing, we guarantee that the comfort and performance of SeeReef is unbeatable. We guarantee ultimate comfort, and guarantee you'll feel amazed at how good our snorkel really is. Don't believe us but test-drive our 100% SeeReef or claim your money back!

The PROVEN science behind our product makes it truly unmatched. We use 4 different valve systems to make breathing easy while keeping the water out. We also have more intakes to allow for the maximum air flow, which provides unmatched comfort as well as the perfect leak-proof, anti-fog mask. That's why we can back it up with our 100% SeeReef or MoneyBack Guarantee.

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