Giro Selector Helmet (Black, Medium/Large)

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Brand: Giro

Color: Black


  • 10mm "Shallow" tail for riders with flatter back profile
  • 45mm "Tall" tail for riders with compact/hunched back profile
  • Vented Eyeshield (Gray/Silver Flash included. Clear /Silver flash available)
  • X-Static padding and featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle
  • Removeable EVA pads to customize width and feel

Details: A tailored approach to aerodynamics. The foundation of aerodynamics is pure and unyielding; every gram of drag devours time and calories. And as the speed increases, so does the air's appetite. Instead of simply facing this challenge head-on, the Selector gives you a new edge in the race of truth - the tail. By combining a smooth front profile with either of two different lower tails, the rider can optimize the helmet for best aerodynamics based on their anatomy, riding position and even course conditions. The result is a helmet that works for you like no other helmet can when every split-second counts.