LOGOS folding bed 7001 assay arm compact bed 73178006

Brand: LOGOS


  • size: (about) Width 61.5 × depth 185 × height 12.5cm
  • Gross weight: (about) 2kg
  • Load-bearing guide:120kg
  • Storage size:( approximately) width 43 × depth 4.5 × height 20cm
  • Material :( frame) 7001 aluminum / (cloth) Polyester

Publisher: LOGOS

Details: Product Description ◆ By using the 7001 aluminum, it has been realized on the total weight only 2kg and ultra-lightweight. ◆ leg frame can quickly assemble structure. You can comfortably and safely assemble thing for women. ◆ With carry bag can be stored in a smart compact. Carry is also a breeze. ★ unevenness of the ground because the tension of the sheet me firmly support the body will also be gently tired easy to take on the body as well as mind. ★ also guard cold air and moisture coming up directly from the ground. ※ If you are used within the tent, be sure to use a protective mat. ● quickly assembled, the new structure! ! Ultra-lightweight compact bed ● ultra-lightweight bed New structure ● leg frame that can be assembled quickly ● compact storage ● With storage bag ● load-bearing guide 120kg

EAN: 4981325457259