POC Cerebel (CPSC) Bike Helmet

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Brand: POC

Color: Blue,Light Blue,White


  • Shell Material: EPS liner
  • Fit Adjustment: ratchet dial
  • Visor: yes, Zeiss
  • Certifications: EN 1078, CPSC 12.03
  • Claimed Weight: [size medium] 380 g

Publisher: POC Helmets and Armor

Details: We'll be the first to admit that, over the course of long time trials or triathlon rides, we don't maintain an ideal TT position. This isn't just the rider's fault though, as our yaw angle also changes based on wind conditions, turns in the course, changes in gradients -- in short, the dynamic conditions that we experience on every ride outside of a wind tunnel. That's why POC -- in collaboration with its in-house WATTS lab and the engineers at Volvo -- developed the Cerebel Raceday Helmet. The Cerebel isn't designed as a straight-on aerodynamic lid like the Tempor that debuted years ago on riders like Fahlin; rather, it's a take-all-comers approach to dodging the wind. POC and Volvo combined their wind-tunnel expertise in order to put the Cerebel through the paces at angles simulating everything from pure, tucked speed to the dynamic body positions and the much more varied yaw angles of time trials that aren't performed on pan-flat courses with a perfectly stationary rider. The result has done more than just impress the professionals at Cannondale-Garmin; it also netted a Eurobike Award for its innovative approach to all-purpose aerodynamics. Of course, for all the focus on going faster, POC is primarily in the business of making helmets that keep you safe during a head-to-anything collision. Toward this end, the Cerebel features an EPS liner with varying densities in order to absorb and dissipate impact forces. The Zeiss visor helps to avoid any impact at all with a tint that highlights any changes or irregularities in the road surface by increasing contrast. The visor itself relies on magnetic attachment points for its own security.