Porsche 6V SMD Headlights

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  • Porsche Phosphor based SMD Headlights for 6V and 12V 356 Cars
  • Fits any car that uses sealed beam head lights
  • Twice as bright as conventional headlights. Draws only 1 amp
  • Easy "plug and play" installation
  • FREE SHIPPING in contiguous United States

Publisher: Classico Wheels

Details: Probably the most amazing product we have ever produced. These will absolutely change how and when you drive your car Made exclusively by us and not available elsewhere. Providing both low and high beam, they produce twice the light of an H4 in a brilliant white light. These are NOT conventional LED's but Phosphor based SMD using the very latest technology. They have a working range of 5V to 14V so will work in either 6V or 12V cars. They are literally twice as bright as conventional headlights, are not sensitive to changes in voltage as RPM increases and decreases and as an extra bonus, draws only 1 amp - one fifth the current of a regular bulb or H4 halogen lamp. They produce no heat, operate at room temperature and have a working life of 24,000 hours. We include the high quality reflectors as shown and now supply with a factory style plug so they simply "plug and play". Literally as simple as changing a lamp. No relays needed. saves your charging system, relays, switches from premature failure due to the high current draw of conventional lighting. I want every car owner to at least try them so I am offering a free 30 day trial. If they are not everything I say they are, just return, no questions asked [not one return so far FYI ]

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EAN: 0850994004207