Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter with 26" Wheels

Brand: Schwinn

The Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter has big wheels, a solid aluminum frame and retro style handlebars. It’s equipped with both front and rear linear pull brakes for superior stopping power in all conditions. This is welcome because with these big wheels it can up to speed fast. The front and rear fenders will keep you dry and clean and enhance the overall design of the scooter, keeping in line with the retro look.

This model has 26’’ large wheels which are fast and efficient on pavement and asphalt. The scooter is a fun alternative for exercise, providing a great lower body workout. Be cognizant of the challenges of riding a scooter since it's not quite as easy as riding a bike. In time, the leg pushing motions will build up stamina and strength and it is recommended to alternate legs.

The Schwinn Shuffle Scooter for adults is a unique form of recreational fun that is both exhilarating and improves fitness. The build quality is high as one would expect from an icon like Schwinn. This new take on the original scooter is worth having in your garage for fun trips to the park or around the neighborhood. Add this classic retro scooter to your collection at a very affordable price.