Shimano SH-R065 Cycling Shoe - Men's Black, 44.0

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Brand: Shimano

Color: Black


  • Upper Material: synthetic leather
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-loop straps
  • Footbed: Dynalast
  • Sole: fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-hole mountain, 3-hole road

Details: To provide balance between long-distance comfort and race-ready stiffness, Shimano constructed SH-R065 with a sole made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which allows you to put power efficiently into the pedals without cutting off circulation or making it nearly impossible to walk. On top of the sole, a molded Dynalast footbed provides a killer fit, so your feet will be supported and comfortable whether you're cranking for an hour or cruising for 150 miles.On top of the sole and footbed, the SH-R065 features an upper made from synthetic leather. It's stretch resistant, durable, and lightweight, and is outfitted with mesh panels in key areas to provide ventilation and extra stretch. The upper closes around your foot via two hook-and-loop straps, which press your foot comfortably into the footbed and eliminate side-to-side slop. The sole, upper, and closures are all predicated on the SH-R065's anatomic last, and Shimano's finishing touch was to make sure the shoe was compatible with both two- and three-hole cleat designs, so you can ride it on the road or out on the trails.