Shimano S-Phyre RC9 Shoes

The S-Phyre RC9 shoes are Shimano’s top of the line and highly regarded road cycling shoes. They are popular among the pro ranks and amateurs alike. The S-Phyre shoes are simple and comfortable. They use two BOA dials for tightening and loosening with one BOA adjustment dial located on the top wrap over strap and the second dial positioned lower at the midpoint of the shoe top. The second way to adjust these shoes for a more precise fit is by utilizing the arch supports. Two spare arch supports are included and can be inserted and positioned to improve shoe form to your foot. Velcro inserts can be added to change the height. 

The shoes have four color options including black, white, blue or fluorescent green. These shoes weigh in at approximately 280 grams. Although not being a particular featherweight compared to some competitors, the S-Phyres are well within reasonable weight limits.  

The outer sole is carbon and features several cleat positioning guides for precise fitup. Shimano as always have thought of everything and manufactured it well. The rear heal pad can be replaced but not the toe pad. 

Along with the shoes themselves, the box includes a Shimano branded drawstring bag and two spare arch support inserts. The suggested price for this top road shoe offering from Shimano is $425 USD.  

In summary, the shoes have many positives and a few negatives. The positive include comfort, adjustability, quality of material and a pretty low weight. On the con side, the shoes are obviously priced much higher than mid level shoes. Overall, these shoes are as comfortable as slippers, easy to get in and out of, and have enough adjustment and half size choices to allow everyone to find the perfect fit.

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